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Shofar is a group of five musicians whose music awakens a call in today’s diverse listener. Their music is intense, catchy, impacting and powerful in its message, as well as it takes the listener to a place of worship.

Larry Hagner (Lead Singer) Born and raised in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota. Currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Larry has been singing and playing guitar since he was 12. Larry is the veteran of the band. In his early youth he had the opportunity to tour with numerous national bands, and he played with some of the Midwest's top musicians in Zacariah, a band he founded and played in for 10 years. Larry's band has appeared with national groups such as White Heart, Sheila Walsh, Bash and the Code, and Grammy award winner Joel Hanson. Larry is the primary song writer and creative force for Shofar, along with his wife Cheri, and his son Daniel. He has appeared at numerous venues and arenas, including the Minneapolis Metrodome.

Mark Alan (Guitar - Vocals)
Born and raised in Crystal, Minnesota
Currently lives in Plymouth, Minnesota
Mark has been playing guitar since he was 13

Mark is a prolific songwriter and singer in his own right. Founder of the MarkAlan Band. He has released numerous projects that have blessed many people throughout the Midwest. Mark's band has appeared at the Sonshine Festival in Wilmar and has played with national groups such as T-Bone, Stacy Hanson, Petra, and Jeremy Camp. As a co-founder of Forever Productions, Mark has produced Shofar's latest project, and soon to be released, new CD (Turn). Mark is a worship leader at LaLuz Church and is in demand at Youth conferences throughout the Midwest.

Scott Campbell (Guitar -Vocals)
Age: 24
Born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota
Currentlly lives in Coon Rapids, Minnesota with his wife Angie and his dog Emma, the Pug
Scott has been playing guitar since he was 17

He is co-founder of Forever Productions and he is quickly gaining the reputation as a creative and imaginative producer. Scott is reqarded as one of the top guitarists in the Christian Music Market today. Scott has also appeared with many top Christian artists, including Jeremy Camp artist of the year. Scott is a valuable member of the worship team at Emmanuel Christian Center.

Dan Ostebo (Bass)
Age: 23
Born and raised in White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Dan has been playing bass since he was 16
Dan is playing on the worship team at Eagle Brook Church. He has played with many top Twin City Bands, including Tunnel, Stacy Hanson, John Meyer, and Jeremy Camp. He has appeared at Sonshine Festival in Wilmar, Minnesota. He is a flawless bass player and major component of the Alternative Rock Sound of Shofar.

Derek Johnson (Drums)
Age: 23
Born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota
Currently lives in Rogers, Minnesota
Derek has been drumming since the age of 16
Derek has been drumming for 7 years as part of the Mark Alan Band with groups such as Jeremy Camp, Petra, The Supertones, Larve, John Rueben, and Luna Halo. Derek is known around the Midwest for his excellent techniue and solid timing. Derek is the glue that holds Shofar together. Derek is also part of the worship team at Emmanuel Christian Center.

He who has prepared us for this very thing is God, who has given us the Spirit as a guarantee.
                        2 Corinthians 5:5